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Norway 's scenery is its main attraction, particularly the fjords of the southwest and the North Cape which is a popular spot from which to observe the Midnight Sun of midsummer. The majority of tourists visiting Norway are firstly interested in what the nature has to offer. From cruise ships, buses and trains, visitors to Norway enjoy the spectacular scenery of deep fjords, high mountains and the midnight sun. The Norwegian tourism industry primarily promotes Norway as 'a pure escape' and a place for outdoor adventures. Culture is an important part of what Norway has to offer, but is rarely emphasised in general tourist information. It is therefore recommended that tourists with a special interest in cultural tourism use this site to find cultural institutions in the areas they want to visit. However, the principal cities, among them Oslo (the capital), Bergen and Trondheim, offer a good choice of museums, historical sites and architectural interest for the visitor. The often mountainous inland countryside is ideal for those in search of true wilderness. Unless winter sport is the reason for visiting the country, its appeal is strongest in the months between May and September. Population is sparse outside the main centers, but Norway is sufficiently large and regionally diverse to warrant geographical division here. There are five defined regions: Southern Norway (including Oslo ); Fjordland and the Southwest; the uplands of Oppland and Hedmark; Central Norway ; and the arctic North.

Norway 's greatest impact on history was during the Viking Age, when the sleek Viking ships crossed the Atlantic, and Europe was subjected to numerous raids. Traditionally Norwegians were explorers, and their influences are evident from the Viking settlements established in Scotland, to the more recent personalities like polar explorer Roald Amundsen, and the legendary Pacific crossing of Thor Heyerdahl on his wooden raft, the Kon-Tiki .

Take a break in the charming cities of Oslo and Bergen; fish the rivers, go mountain climbing or glacier hiking in the pristine wilderness, or take a trip to the Arctic city of Hammerfest for the incredible northern lights. We at StayResNorway.com sort out your holiday, from Norway Tourism to vacation packages and Norway hotels.

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