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Oslo City Information
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Oslo is the capital city of Norway, situated on the Aker River, at the head of Oslofjorden, in the southeastern part of the country. Oslo is the largest city, leading seaport, and principal commercial, manufacturing, and cultural center of Norway. Its location at the head of an inlet known as the Oslofjord and at the foot of some deep and enchanting woods connects this modern and progressive city inextricably to its Viking past. Oslo is home to some fascinating and enlightening museums and architecture and can boast the title of the gourmet capital of Scandinavia. Oslo is home to some fascinating and enlightening museums and architecture and can boast the title of the gourmet capital of Scandinavia.

Tourist attractions in Oslo include the National Gallery, which contains collections of European, especially Norwegian, art; the Oslo Museum of Decorative Art; the Norwegian Folk Museum; Frogner Park, which contains about 150 works by the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland; the Munch Museum, with paintings by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch; the Kon-Tiki Museum, with exhibits relating to the voyages of the Norwegian anthropologist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl; Akershus Fortress; the royal palace (1848); and the Storting (parliament) building. Take a day or two to fully explore the delights of Bygdoy, whose peninsula is home to some of Oslo's most popular attractions, including an open-air museum, fascinating excavated Viking ships at the Vikingskiphuset and the Kon Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl's famous balsa-wood raft. While on the peninsula, relax and enjoy the sea breeze on one of the beaches dotted around or simply stroll along the waterfront.

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Tourist Attractions

Football Museum

The Football Museum is a popular tourist attraction in Oslo, located at Norway's National arena for football Ullevaal Stadium. The Football Museum covers Norwegian football only. On display are objects belonging to many of the great players of Norwegian Football. It is also developed a range of sound extracts, films and interactive touch-screens, which will keep fans of all ages amused.

Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center is yet another tourist spot worth to visit in Oslo. It reflects humanity's best efforts to achieve peace in all its forms. The Peace Center will combine exhibitions and film presentations with digital communication and interactive installations, and will also serve as an arena for a variety of events. Scheduled events will include lectures and open meetings, seminars and discussions, and a wide range of cultural and artistic activities. The Center seeks to promote popular interest in issues relating to war, peace and conflict resolution - in Norway as well as abroad - and will employ powerful tools to tell stories and highlight topics.


Oslo Reptile Park

Oslo reptile Park houses more than 100 animals, such as, grass snakes, dwarf crocodile, geccos, cameleons, varans and other lizards, tarantellas, black widow (the world's most venomous spider), piraya and saltwater fish. Every Tuesday at 5 pm, you can watch the feeding of the animals. The boa eats mice, rats and rabbits, the pirayas and the small crocodiles eat meat, the lizards eat insects.


Blomqvist Kunsthandel - Dealers in Fine Art Since 1870

Blomqvist's is Norway's oldest and largest auction house, where quality and tradition have been celebrated for 130 years and more. Blomqvist's specialize in Norwegian art and antiques and are recognized experts on Edvard Munch. We also possess an intimate knowledge of international art.

Akershus Castle

Dating from 1299, this medieval castle and Royal Residence developed into a fortress in 1592 after which it was rebuilt into a renaissance castle 1637-1648. Here you can see magnificent halls, the Castle church, the Royal Mausoleum and models of the castle.

Bogstad Manor

You can visit the home of wealthy merchant and industrialist Peder Anker, and the count and countess Wedel Jarlsberg. This beautiful manor house is fully furnished from the period 1750-1850. Bogstad Manor is located in a romantic Norwegian landscape reminiscent of an English planned garden.

National Gallery

National Gallery is Norway's largest collection of Norwegian and international art up to 1945. It represents Norwegian art history with an emphasis on the major works from the National Romantic period. Two rooms devoted to Evard Munch's works - among others 'Skrik', (The Scream).

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